5 Lessons My Child Taught Me

December 21, 2011

Judah has brought a renewed sense of purpose to my life and has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love. In honor of his first birthday, I would like to share five meaningful lessons my son has taught me.

Be in the moment

Children live in the present moment without thinking, they just feel. They are free from tension, anxiety, stress and fear. They don’t worry about making mistakes or what other people think. They have a sense of wonder and pure joy. They create without abandon and lose themselves in play. My babe has found joy in tasting new foods, splishing and splashing around in the bath, exploring natural objects and toys, banging on drums, grooving to music and making silly faces. He has taught me how to be more simple, relaxed and care-free.

Trust your inner wisdom

I learned early on in my pregnancy to trust my intuition, follow my instincts and be an advocate for my health and well-being. With that comes freedom, self-empowerment and confidence. This really blossomed in my first year as a mother. There are so many parenting books, philosophies and styles and well-intentioned people who want to be helpful by giving advice on child-rearing. I’m not saying I don’t read any books or listen to opinions but I ultimately have to trust myself and make decisions based on what feels right to me and from my knowledge of my own child.

Let it out

Every time my little guy smiles or bursts out in laughter I can’t help but to smile and giggle back. But when he is unhappy he will throw his head back, let out a cry and tears will flow from his big eyes. His smile is a reminder that I can find joy in the small things, but his cry is also a reminder that sometimes I need to free up my own tears when I am upset or hurt. It is good to find the joy in life, but it is equally important to acknowledge the pain that is inevitable in order to move past it.

Be observant

From the moment our little one came into this world his eyes have been wide full of wonder. You can almost see the wheels turning in his inquisitive mind. He studies people’s faces, picks up on different energies and moods, and points at birds, flowers and squirrels when we go for walks. The observant way in which he lives his life reminds me of the importance of not getting caught up in everyday nuances and paying attention to the world around me, a world full of beauty, diversity and possibility. It is a truly wondrous place with miracles happening at every moment.

Keep growing

My mama friends and I constantly marvel at “how quickly the time passes.” My son and the changes he’s experienced in his one year of existence in this world remind me of the capability of people to significantly grow in every aspect over the years of a lifetime. I am reminded of the importance to cherish, respect and fully utilize that time.

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