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Benjamin’s 3rd Birthday

January 29, 2017

After a fast and intense labor, you were peacefully born three years ago today. You’re wide-eyed, full of wonder and quite a character, bursting with personality! Some words to best describe you are attuned, curious, determined, observant, silly, energetic, self-assured, clever and empathetic. You’re drawn to animals and the natural world – whether it’s playing in the snow or sand, you enjoy adventuring in the great outdoors, getting your hands in the mix, and love playing in the water. Some of your favorite things to do are solve puzzles, paint, build Legos and play make-believe. You give the best hugs and kisses and are so sweet… and although you don’t care much for sweets, you take after Daddy, as you both love chocolate! So it’s chocolate on chocolate (I added some cocoa powder to this recipe) cupcakes for you, darling boy. I love you xo


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