Magical Motherhood
By Brenda Hammond

“Why do so many of the babies I see around me look pale and pinched instead of rosy and glowing with life?” Brenda Hammond wonders.

Written as an intimate dialogue, these letters explain how to give your baby something extra from the point of view of mind, body and spirit; how to nurture the non-physical formative forces present before and after birth; how to prevent them from being hijacked into premature consciousness in order to protect what we’re losing — the most precious time of childhood.

From preparation for pregnancy, through the waiting time, till baby is born and after, the letters offer tips and guidance, comfort and encouragement to help parents along the way. Working from a place that honours the divine origin of the human being, this book will make you think, encourage you to use your common sense, and help you develop your mother’s intuition.

This method of magical motherhood is directed towards one fundamental question: “How do we preserve and nurture the spiritual gifts our babies bring with them?”

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