Review: {Keiki Love Upcycled Wool Diaper Covers} + Special Offer

Discovering handmade and upcycled treasures on Etsy is a favorite pastime of mine! Keiki Love upcycled wool diaper covers first caught my eye because they are adorable. They also happen to be very well-made. Two full layers of 100% lamb’s wool give ultimate leak protection, but still […]

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Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting: A Resource for New & Expecting Families

There are a lot of “must-have” lists and advertisements out there telling you what fancy new goodies and gadgets you need for a new baby. For the attachment parenting family, all you really need is a gentle, patient, loving parent or caregiver and a […]

Recipe: {Banana-Hemp Granola} V+GF Optional

This banana-hemp granola recipe is from one of my new fave cookbooks, Superfood Kitchen by Julie Morris. It’s easy to make and so delicious. I let my toddler mash the bananas and he gets really excited when he smells a fresh batch baking in the oven. […]

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Recipe: {Kumquat Marmalade} + A Sensible Habit Canning Stamp Giveaway

We recently moved into a sweet little house with plenty of citrus trees. Among these is a bright and cheerful kumquat tree. Kumquats are often eaten raw and have a sweet edible rind and tart juicy center. Known to bring good luck and prosperity, I […]

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Review & Giveaway: {Non Toxic Shop™ Synergy Skin Care}

Many companies with “natural” products on the market today focus on telling you what toxic ingredients they don’t contain, instead of revealing the toxic ingredients they do contain.  This is known as greenwashing.  For example, some companies will label their products paraben-free but use […]

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Review: {Soft Star Shoes & Special Offer}

We let our babe go barefoot whenever possible. When he does wear shoes, we put him in minimalist shoes like Soft Star which are specifically designed for natural foot movement and healthy foot development. The wider design allows plenty of room for toes to wiggle around and […]

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Giveaway: {Daughters of the Revolution Butterfly Dress}

I was walking around the farmer’s market when I saw a young woman wearing a beautiful, flowy, feminine dress and just had to stop and ask her where she bought it. It turns out her friend Emily Cadenhead, a local designer and mother, created the […]

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Review: {Ferro Eco-Couture Mineral Cosmetics}

I have been disappointed by mineral cosmetics in the past. The products have either irritated or dried out my sensitive skin, contained hidden chemicals or toxins, or looked caked-on and unnatural. I’m glad I discovered Ferro Cosmetics because all mineral make up is not created equal!
Founded […]

Recipe: {Mysterium Tremendum Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies} V+GF Optional

While my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Kaua’i, we came across The Blossoming Lotus –  a very special restaurant that serves freshly made, organic vegan and live food world cuisine in an inspirational setting of art and music. We enjoyed it so […]

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Review & Giveaway: {By Nieves “C” Perfect Skin}

Always on the lookout for high quality, natural beauty products, I was immediately drawn to By Nieves handmade body care products and was equally intrigued by her story.

Born by candlelight on the Canary Island of La Palma to vagabond parents, Nieves doesn’t remember hitchhiking across Europe […]

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