Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting: A Resource for New & Expecting Families

There are a lot of “must-have” lists and advertisements out there telling you what fancy new goodies and gadgets you need for a new baby. For the attachment parenting family, all you really need is a gentle, patient, loving parent or caregiver and a […]

Recipe: {Banana-Hemp Granola} V+GF Optional

This banana-hemp granola recipe is from one of my new fave cookbooks, Superfood Kitchen by Julie Morris. It’s easy to make and so delicious. I let my toddler mash the bananas and he gets really excited when he smells a fresh batch baking in the oven. […]

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Recipe: {Mysterium Tremendum Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies} V+GF Optional

While my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Kaua’i, we came across The Blossoming Lotus –  a very special restaurant that serves freshly made, organic vegan and live food world cuisine in an inspirational setting of art and music. We enjoyed it so […]

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