This simple, affordable and fun project is sure to delight your little ones!  Here is an easy tutorial on how to make these cute little holiday gnomes.

You can either use wooden Peg People which come in different shapes and sizes or old-fashioned wooden clothespins.  Peg People and Wooden Doll Pins can be found at your local craft store or there is a nice selection here and on Etsy.  You will also need some pieces of Eco-fi felt, a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors. I chose three different colors of felt for Hanukkah. Red and green would be festive choices for Christmas and Kwansa.

First, I made the little cloak by cutting a rectangular shaped piece of felt long enough to fit around the wooden body.  I rolled it around the body and secured the edges together in the back using a hot glue gun.

Next, I made the little gnome hat by cutting a triangular shaped piece of felt, making sure it was just the right length to fit over the wooden head when glued together.

Using the hot glue gun, I glued the two sides together. Then I put just a dab of glue onto the inside of the hat and positioned it onto the gnomes head so that it was tilted slightly backward.

Aren’t they cute little fellows?  They’re ready to spin some dreidels and eat some latkes!

Happy Winter Crafting!