Welcome! I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula attending births in the greater Los Angeles area. As a birth doula, I provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support before, during and just after childbirth.

My services are available to women who are planning a vaginal birth, cesarean birth, or VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) where and how she feels safest and most comfortable. Each woman and her partner have different desires and needs. I am passionate about helping parents explore and articulate their preferences, encouraging them to communicate those wishes with their care team, and ultimately helping them to experience an empowered, sacred birth.

Prenatal Support

  • Initial consultation (complementary)
  • Two prenatal visits
  • Assistance with birth preference sheet
  • Access to lending library and informational resources
  • Unlimited email, phone and/or texting support
  • Referrals provided as needed

Labor & Birth Support

  • Continuous support during labor and birth
  • Help with creating a calm, peaceful space for birthing Mother and partner
  • Informational support to allow parents to make informed decisions
  • Comfort measures such as breathing, massage, changes in position, counter-pressure
  • Help with initiating breastfeeding

Postpartum Support

  • One postpartum visit scheduled within 2 weeks of the birth to reflect and process
  • Continued breastfeeding support package available
  • Continued phone and email support
  • Referrals provided as needed

“Finding Lacey was the greatest gift fate could have sent us. She has a deep knowledge base and exudes a strong self confident understanding through her own experience as a mother. When things got down to the wire she went from a calming peaceful caregiver to a strong active member of our birth team. She brought so much more to the table than what I expected from a doula. We would not have wanted to do this without her.”
Brooke H, Los Angeles
“Lacey was so non-judgmental from the start. She supported whatever decisions I had already made, and helped me navigate the ones I had yet to make. She’s very nurturing and comforting and explained to me what was happening at each point and that is so helpful. My husband and I are so grateful to Lacey for keeping our delivery room a calm and focused place.”
Susan B, Los Angeles


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