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Lacey Mackey CD(DONA), CLEC, BS

I am a DONA International Certified Birth Doula, UCSD Certified Lactation Educator Counselor and ICEA Trained Childbirth Educator serving women and families in the greater Los Angeles area. My passion for holistic wellness combined with the desire to nurture women and help them reclaim their births inspired me to become a doula.

Childbirth is a sacred and transformative event that is imprinted on a woman’s life forever. Birth sociologist Barbara Katz Rothman says, “Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” I am passionate about guiding women to embrace the interconnection between mind, body, and spirit, nourishing all aspects of the childbearing year and transitioning into motherhood with confidence.

As a proud member of DONA International and the Doulas Association of Southern California, I am actively involved in the Los Angeles birth community and continue to expand my training and education with renowned educators such as Ana Paula Markel, Penny Simkin, Barbara Harper, Dr. Michel Odent and Dr. Sarah Buckley.

Birth Doula Support

Doulas are birth professionals who understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor. Doulas are respected and recognized among doctors, midwives, nurses and other professionals as valued members of the birth team.

Whether it’s the birth of the first baby or fourth, many women and their partners find reassurance in having a doula by their side. Research has found that women who have one-on-one professional labor support tend to have fewer unnecessary medical interventions, shorter labors, increased infant bonding and positive breastfeeding outcomes. Mothers who have this type of support in labor also produce lower levels of stress hormones, decreased instances of postpartum anxiety/depression and greater birth satisfaction than women left alone or attended by inexperienced coaches.

I am committed to providing non-judgmental support to mothers and families in their individual and unique journeys. I am passionate about helping parents explore and articulate their preferences by providing evidence-based information so the best possible choices can be made for their families.

Birth Doula Sessions

We will meet for a total of 4 prenatal sessions and 1 postpartum visit.

1st prenatal – Together, we will explore your beliefs and desires for your birth experience. We will discuss choices in childbirth, your birth vision and preferences, how we can work together to achieve your goals, making thoughtful decisions and healthy communication.

2nd prenatal – I will provide a pregnancy overview and guide you through the different trimesters. We will discuss a healthy mind and body and I will offer tips for comfort.

3rd prenatal – As a Childbirth Educator, I will provide information to prepare you for the labor and birthing process, adjusting to the postpartum period and caring for your newborn baby.

4th prenatal – As a Lactation Educator Counselor, I will provide information ensuring you feel prepared and confident to feed and nourish your newborn baby. I will also provide guidance and during the immediate postpartum period.

Postpartum – One optional postpartum visit will be scheduled within two weeks after giving birth. During this visit we will reflect on your birth story and birth experience. I will also provide resources, recommendations and referrals for postpartum support, if desired.

You will receive:

– Access to my lending library of birth and breastfeeding related books and videos.

– Informational emails on topics related to pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

– Referrals to prenatal practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, personal trainers, etc.

– 24 hour support by phone, text and email two weeks prior to your guesstimated due date.

– Reassurance of a qualified, hand-selected back-up doula in the unlikely instance it becomes necessary.

– Continuous labor support including comfort techniques, explanation of any proposed interventions to allow for informed, consented decisions, partner support in supporting the laboring mother at his or her comfort level, optional labor and birth photography, breastfeeding support.


Kind words

“…Finding Lacey was the greatest gift fate could have sent us. She has a deep knowledge base and exudes a strong self confident understanding through her own experience as a mother. When things got down to the wire she went from a calming peaceful caregiver to a strong active member of our birth team. She brought so much more to the table than what I expected from a doula. We would not have wanted to do this without her…” – Brooke H.

“…Lacey was so non-judgmental from the start. She supported whatever decisions I had already made, and helped me navigate the ones I had yet to make. She’s very nurturing and comforting and explained to me what was happening at each point and that is so helpful. My husband and I are so grateful to Lacey for keeping our delivery room a calm and focused place…” – Susan B.

“…When we decided to have our second baby, I knew I definitely wanted to try for a VBAC. I truly believe that having Lacey as my doula was instrumental in helping me to achieve that goal. It isn’t something so easily put into words what and how Lacey helped us, but she really went above and beyond her call of duty. She gave tremendous love and support throughout the entire birth experience and we are truly grateful for helping us have such a positive experience…” – Ashley J.

“…From the moment we met Lacey we felt so comfortable with her. Lacey went above and beyond throughout my entire pregnancy. She gave me detailed information so I could make the best possible choices and is not the type of doula to pressure you into ANYTHING.  She never made me feel like it was a wrong or “less-than” decision. We became so close during the 7 months we had her as our doula that I now consider her a friend! What more could you want for such a personal experience? Lacey has a 6th sense for childbirth. She knew just how much to “be there” and when to step back and let my husband and I have our moments. I’ve referred her to a few of my friends and all of them have ended up hiring her!” – Jenna B.


If you would like to schedule a complimentary phone consultation or meet and greet, have any questions or would like more information about my services, please feel free to contact me using the form provided below. Due to the nature of my work it may take me up to 24 hours to return your email. Thank you!

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