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    DIY Elderberry Syrup

    January 24, 2013

    This immune boosting botanical is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Elderberry syrup has a long history of use in traditional European medicine and is so highly regarded that it has been called the “medicine chest of country people.”  Elderberry preparations are traditionally taken early enough to ward off a viral invasion from the start but can also be used as an effective treatment. This proven remedy is known to shorten the duration of colds to 3-4 days and is also effective against 10 different strains…

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    Garlic-Mullein Oil Remedy for Ear Aches

    Antibiotics are a commonly prescribed conventional treatment for ear infections but can actually contribute to recurring ear infections by wiping out good bacteria, which helps keep the body healthy and immune system strong. Additionally, antibiotics are…

    December 13, 2012