10 Herbs for Healthy Breast Milk Production

Women’s bodies have an incredible ability to make babies and breast milk. As a Lactation Educator and Counselor, I am often asked about ways to help increase breast milk supply. Herbs, like other plants we eat, nourish a mama’s body as it makes nourishment […]

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Meyer Lemon Risotto w. Sage

I’m kind of obsessed with the Meyer lemon. Living in Southern California, we are fortunate to have beautiful mature Meyer lemon trees growing right in our back yard. It flowers intermittently throughout the year, but the main season of production is in the spring. The […]

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Indian Mint Rice w. Caramelized Peanuts

I am excited to share this beautifully written piece by my friend Pratima Anaé. My husband, son and I had the honor of meeting Pratima’s mother during her recent visit to California. We were invited to their lovely home for a delicious home-cooked meal and […]

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Herbed Potato Salad

Potato salad is one of those essential summer staples for barbecues, picnics and get-togethers. Packed with garden veggies and fresh herbs, this is another great recipe from one of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks that’s loaded with texture and flavor. There’s lots of room for creativity so try some […]

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Natural Herbal Remedies for Kids

Herbs have been used for healing long before recorded history. The majority of childhood ailments tend to be mild and herbal remedies are considered safe, effective and are much gentler than conventional and pharmaceutical alternatives. Internationally known herbalist and educator Rosemary Gladstar says, “Administered […]

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