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Your Own Song

July 19, 2012
African Tribal Mother and Child

A woman in my local Holistic Mom’s Network chapter shared a beautiful story about how a certain African tribe comes together and uses song to remind us of who we really are. Touching my heart with inspiring words of wisdom, I share this story with you. There is a tribe in Africa where the birth date of a child is not counted on the day of his birth or when he was conceived, but on the day he was a…

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The Family Dinner

March 10, 2012

There is great meaning in the simple daily ritual of gathering together for an evening meal. The days are sometimes hectic, so we make a point to slow down and enjoy one another in the evening. We have come to know a rhythm of preparing the meal, setting the table, reflecting upon our blessings, connecting, eating and cleaning up together. Almost every Sunday we walk to the local farmer’s market and gather fresh seasonal and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that will…

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