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Taking Joy in the Simple Things

February 15, 2016

It’s rare I’m able to grab my camera in time to capture moments like these that bring me so much joy. At times, life as a parent of little ones can be downright exhausting, chaotic and stressful. It can be easy to forget about the little things. Regularly taking joy in these 10 simple things keeps me happy, calm and peaceful.

  1. Connecting to nature using all of my senses. Feeling my feet press into the Earth. Watching the sun rise or set. Tasting rain drops that fall on my tongue. Smelling a flower, leaf or piece of tree bark. Listening to birds chirp.
  2. Soaking in a warm bath with salts and essential oils.
  3. Making handmade gifts and cards.
  4. Taking the scenic route.
  5. When my husband walks through the door, stopping what I’m doing and give him a “welcome home” hug. We stay in that embrace until we can feel each others bodies relaxing.
  6. Closing my eyes and feeling my heart beat. There is nothing more real or honest in the world.
  7. Snuggling up in bed for an extra minute of warmth and comfort in the morning.
  8. Enjoying the atmosphere, people and fresh foods at the local farmer’s market.
  9. Dancing just to feel my body move. I don’t care how silly I look… I just crank up the music and have fun!
  10. Being thankful for the little things. Watching my children sleep. Petting our dogs. Finding a patch of sunlight to sit in. Curling up with a good book. Eating a good meal. Smiling at a stranger passing me by. Everything has value.

Which ways do you find joy in the simple things?

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