About Me


I am a loving wife and mother of two sweet boys. Natureal Mom was created after the birth of my first child to help inform and inspire other families who wish to make more conscious choices. Here you will find evidence-based information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting, non-toxic and sustainable living, holistic health and wellness, nourishing plant-based recipes, DIY projects and more.

After a challenging birth and overcoming many breastfeeding obstacles, I became a Birth Doula, Lactation Educator, Breastfeeding Counselor and Childbirth Educator to help support other families. Shortly after, I stepped off the corporate ladder as a marketing executive to fully pursue this path and spend more time with my family. We recently welcomed another sweet baby boy to our family and I look forward to writing about our magical waterbirth and sharing it with you.

While I generally avoid labels, our family practices tenants of Attachment and Natural Parenting which are common themes in my posts. The essence of Attachment Parenting is about forming and nurturing strong connections between parents and children by treating them with kindness, respect and dignity, meeting and responding to their needs, and modeling in our interactions with them the way we would like them to interact with others. Natural Parenting is also based on a desire to live and parent responsively and consciously. While no two families who practice Natural Parenting may define it the same way, there are several principles that are widely agreed to be part of this lifestyle including Ecological Responsibility and Love of Nature, Holistic Health Practices and Natural Learning.

Being a conscious parent and individual is about a commitment to the never-ending journey of growth, truth, presence and intention. It is knowing in our hearts that every thought and action, big or small, has an effect beyond the immediate and considering that in our daily interactions and when making our decisions for ourselves, our families and our communities. I am by no means a purist and am far from perfect, but I strive to make informed decisions, trust my instincts, advocate for my family’s health and well-being and live authentically.

Natureal Mom is a work in progress and your support means so much to me! This is a safe, non-judgmental space and I invite you to leave comments, be a part of my social media, and if you like something, to please share it with your loved ones!

Be well,